We are professionals with diverse skills and ideas committed to solve business and community issues while growing as individuals.

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The purpose of CommonWealth Modesto is to improve our community and improve ourselves as community members and business leaders.

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Overview of CommonWealth Modesto

CWM is a collection of likeminded women and men coming together under a common umbrella to work in small groups, or what we refer to as Pods, to practice civic responsibility.   CWM members are typically aged 22-45 and bring diverse skills, backgrounds, and ideas. We are committed to tackling tough business and community issues to give back while growing as individuals and leaders. 

Our vision is that members gain valuable experience and provide friendship and peer support to one another in an action learning environment while improving our individual & collective judgment.  CWM members want to make a real difference and we believe it is paramount for the group to be participants and partners in community progress rather than critics or naysayers. Additionally, CWM membership and experience is intended to pave the way to assure a sustainable flow of capable and proven leaders into the private, educational, public, spiritual, and non-profit sectors in our community. 

CWM members share the opinion (what we all believe to be fact) that Modesto is great place to live and that we “intentionally” choose to work, give back, socialize, and raise our families here.  We trust that our coordinated efforts will bring meaningful change and provide lasting benefits to our community for many years to come.
CWM members are aspiring and emerging leaders and we agree that by challenging each other and ourselves with civic duty that we will improve our judgment and become better in our personal lives and better at our individual jobs. 

Definition of a CommonWealth "Pod"

CWM members actively participate in clearly defined community impact projects which are designed to both improve specific aspects of our community and develop individual leadership skills of each member. The opportunity for skill development comes from participation with a project team, referred to as a “Pod”, which allows the individual to operate in an action learning environment en route to achieving the desired project outcomes.  When the project is complete the Pod is disbanded and the CWM member hooks on with another Pod or in some cases, becomes the leader of his / her own Pod, to tackle a community impact project for which they are passionate about. 

All CWM activities are coordinated though the utilization of Pods.  Currently nine pods with between 4-9 members each are tackling complex community issues in the action learning environment.  Some CWM members participate in more than one Pod at any one time.

History of CommonWealth Modesto

CommonWealth Modesto (CWM) was started in 2007 by Peter Herrmann along with a small group of aspiring community leaders; Pete had an idea for a collaborative leadership development group based on Napoleon Hill’s concept called “Mastermind”. Pete met with 2 individuals; they each invited 2 more and so on. Here we are today with 50+ women and men and the membership continues to grow each month. The notion of “action learning”, with roots from GE’s John F. Welch Leadership Center, became a key part of the CWM leadership member development process in 2008. 

“Action learning” is a process for bringing together a group of people with varied levels of skills and experience to analyze a strategic issue and develop an action plan. The project team continues to meet as actions are implemented, learning from the implementation and making mid-course corrections. Action learning is a form of learning by doing.

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